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Download Ringtone Escape Plan – Travis Scott:

[Verse 1]
That WAP need draining, just havе it if you singing, okay (Woah)
Fuck that Birkin, she just need some encouragеment (Uh)
Fix that attitude, she think she need a surgeon, okay
And show some gratitude, I put you in that altitude, okay
It’s stuck like magnets do, I put you in that magnitude, oh, hey (Yeah)
I embrace the pussy, I’m not tryna embarrass you (Straight up, ahh)
Okay, I got a lavish crew, me and Chase the rocker dated you (Woo, Woo)
Me and Bizzy trap, I’m not a rapper, a lot I do, a lot at you
A film director, Helter Skelter, off the seltzer like it’s juice (Let’s go, yeah)